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Debian Bumper Stickers?

Several years ago, at an LSB conference, I was gifted with a small
handfull of Debian Bumper Stickers. They were nice and simple with the
swirl logo in red on the left of the word Debian is blue.

Well, I put one on my car and gave the rest of them away over the next
several months. Now my car has died and I have a different vehicle. While
I like whales, I don't really "heart" them and would like to cover up the
sticker on my bumper making that declaration. A Debian Bumper Stiker seems
like a good idea, but I don't know where to get one...

If you were offended by seeing the above on The Developers mailing list,
don't bother to tell me about it ;-)

If you know where I can buy a handful of Debian Bumper Stikers, please let
me know.


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