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Re: Debconf 3

* Andreas Tille 

| > If you are interested in talking at Debconf (or have an idea for a
| > talk which you'd like to hear), please drop me a mail describing what
| > you would like to talk about and we will go through all the
| > suggestions and come up with a good selection of talks.
| I would like to have a talk about "Debian internal projects".  I hope
| to get a Knoppix based Debian-Med CD with me and thus I could add some
| facts about how to create Knoppix CDs.

I've added you to the list of prospective speakers; when we have some
more I (and if anybody else wants to help out, they as well :) will
try to make a balanced and interesting list of talks.

(yes, that is a call for help -- I'd like to have a few more people
reading through the proposals and choosing talks.)

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