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Re: Debconf 3

On 3 Jan 2003, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> The dates Debconf 3 will take place is July 18th to 20th 2003.
Great news! Thanks for your effort Tollef.

> New this year is Debcamp, an invention of Joey Hess.  Basically, it is
> a few days before the conference itself starts where rooms and network
> connectivity will be available, and we will have time to sit around,
> discuss, hack, barbecue, go picnicing and have fun.
This is also great.

> If you are interested in talking at Debconf (or have an idea for a
> talk which you'd like to hear), please drop me a mail describing what
> you would like to talk about and we will go through all the
> suggestions and come up with a good selection of talks.
I would like to have a talk about "Debian internal projects".  I hope
to get a Knoppix based Debian-Med CD with me and thus I could add some
facts about how to create Knoppix CDs.

Kind regards


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