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Re: [desktop] Configuration handling

Mark Howard wrote:
> universal GNU tool would, IMHO, be far better. (so long as it works with
> all the distributions - LSB support, etc.)
> Therefore, my suggestion would be that we need to integrate an
> independently developed tool into Debian (or rather, integrate Debian
> into the tool). This could be something like gnome system tools, webmin,
> or whatever your favourite is.
Your arguments are coherent, this is why I agree. In fact I concluded
that configuration tools are to be developed by distributions because
they put everything together, and thus have to make it work together;
and because *today*, no good tool exists.
Of course, we'd rather have an independent project that is generic
enough to enable distributions to adapt it to their specificities.

> Personally, I really like the look of the Configuration for GNU project
> (http://config4gnu.sourceforge.net/), however this is still very young.

Thank you for pointing me to this one. I didn't know of it. It is surely
a better place for my suggestion.

> IMHO, there are a number of problems with all these projects which will
> make them fail at present:
> - still in planning stages
> - only support limited interfaces
That's what I wanted to point out in debconf : it has a very interesting
abstract way (even if not enough advnced) to deal with UIs


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