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Re: POSIXLY_CORRECT and install scripts

On 2 Jan 2003, Joe Drew wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 19:59, Greg Stark wrote:
> > It would be a good idea to have developers set POSIXLY_CORRECT at least once
> > during testing their packages to ensure they aren't depending on some
> > non-posix GNU behaviour in their packages. Ideally at least some developers
> > should use it all the time to avoid such bugs at run-time.
> What's the problem with depending on GNU behaviour? IIRC even the
> Debian-BSD folk are going to be using the GNU runtime.

F.ex. trying to bootstrap Debian on a non-Linux OS (I tried on SunOS).

I'm going home now. Thanks for listening. Have a safe flight. Long live
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        Bruce Sterling

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