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smb-network package


I created a package of smb-network
(http://www.dragonsdawn.net/~gordon/smb-network/), a WWW based SMB network
browser. Packages (source and binary) are available at
http://www.solnet.cz/private/marcel/smb-network/. For binary package you
can also add

deb http://www.solnet.cz/private/marcel/debian ./

to your sources.list file. Although the upstream maintainer forgot to
include a license file in the tarball of the latest version, smb-network
is GNU GPL software (I asked the upstream maintainer about it). I am not
a Debian maintainer, but I would be happy to become a Debian maintainer
and maintain smb-network. So I would like to ask if there is anyone who
wants to sponsor me. I have my GPG key already signed by present Debian
maintainer. Unfortunately different key (FFC7E5D4) from that one which
I signed the package with (28E18DE1). Is it enough to sign my 28E18DE1 key
with the FFC7E5D4 one?

Next I have a question about developing. I have defined no dependencies
because I do not know which way is the best to responsibly determine the
dependencies. For example I know smb-network.cgi is written in Perl, but
I do not know which one of the Perl packages should I write into the
Depends item of the package. I also know smb-network needs WWW server and
smbclient, but is there any other way to determine the dependencies than
guessing what everything is required for run of the package?


Marcel Kolaja
"Linux hackers are funny people: They count the time in patchlevels."
       -- Martin Josefsson

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