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Re: Hash.pm missing?

> This release supports mostly full XPath (only a few functions not
>     implemented).  Also the Hash data type has been removed, please move to
>     Node.

argh... so I've got problem.

> What's the exact error message you get?
I can't cite, because I'm not writing from my Debian now, but it was sth like

Cannot find XML/Stream/Hash.pm in @inc (Includes list: /usr/share....

>  I just looked atthe janchor.pl  source and so no mention whatsoever of

In janchor.pl - no, but all ILE, and JANCHOR are using Net::Jabber (from package
libnet-jabber-perl), which use XML::Stream, so I think I must wait for upgrade
of that package :-(((( ...

Thanks for reply, and best regards

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