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grub/floppy/ext2 question


Once upon a time I created a grub boot floppy, with complete ext2
filesystem, and menu.lst file on the one disk.

Now, if I try to do the same thing (grub version in
woody), I encounter problems. The first problem is
that grub gets confused with devfsd device names, but I have
worked around that for now.

The major problem though is that which linux automatically detects the
ext2 filesystem as an ext2 filesystem, grub automatically detects it as
a FAT filesystem, with no files:

grub> root (fd0)
Filesystem type is fat, using whole disk

This is both when running grun within Linux and when booting from a
grub floppy.

Is there anyway to force grub to realize it is an ext2 filesystem???

Or do I have to create an MS-DOS filesystem?

The fact that grub is so confused seems rather puzzling.

For now, I will just create an MS-DOS filesystem.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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