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Re: Digital video recording software

Le mer 25/12/2002 à 19:42, Casper Gielen a écrit :
> Op woensdag 25 december 2002 17:58, schreef David B. Harris:
> >
> > Keeping in mind that they only support those "video needs" through the
> > use of closed-source, proprietary, and in all likely hood, illegal
> > binary modules.
> This is FUD. The mplayer people stronly favor open licenses. In fact almost 
> all code is GPL. Yes, some codecs are only supported throug closed-source
> binary modules. Those codecs do not have open source alternatives (eg 
> QuickTime). However there is nothing illegal in using them.

Yes, there is. First you cannot link GPL code with proprietary modules.
Second, many of these proprietary modules are not free (beer) : you have
to own a license of MS Windows to have the right to use them.

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