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Re: I need help to write a doc

On Friday 20 December 2002 15:48, Aaron Isotton wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm writing the "How Software Producers Can Distribute Their Products
> Directly in DEB Format" guide and need help in a few parts.
> 1. Creating Debian Packages on Other Operating Systems
>    I want to explain how to create a Debian chroot on other operating
>    systems (typically other Linux distros).  The best thing would be
>    porting debootstrap and dpkg and packaging them as tarball and as
>    RPM.  I think I can do that myself if nobody else wants to, but I'd
>    like to hear if anybody has ever done or tried doing it.

last week's Debian Weekly News (or maybe the week before) linked to a doc 
written by a Debian Developer which explains how to setup a Debian chroot 
easily.  I have it at work if no one else pops up.

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