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I need help to write a doc


I'm writing the "How Software Producers Can Distribute Their Products
Directly in DEB Format" guide and need help in a few parts.

1. Creating Debian Packages on Other Operating Systems

   I want to explain how to create a Debian chroot on other operating
   systems (typically other Linux distros).  The best thing would be
   porting debootstrap and dpkg and packaging them as tarball and as
   RPM.  I think I can do that myself if nobody else wants to, but I'd
   like to hear if anybody has ever done or tried doing it.

2. Converting an RPM to a DEB

   How to convert an RPM to a DEB.  For simple packages using alien
   and adapting the resulting package might do; what I'd want here is
   a list of problems one usually runs into and of important
   differences between the two systems.  I have almost no experience
   with RPM, so there's no way I can write that in the near future.

3. Making it Easy to Create both RPM and DEB Packages

   What one could do to make packaging easy for both RPM systems and
   Debian, such as calling the Debian update-* tools and the
   equivalent RPM tools using if/else statements.  As I don't know
   much about RPM I can't write that section either.

I also appreciate all other suggestions and corrections.  What I've
written so far is available at


Aaron Isotton

My GPG Public Key: http://www.isotton.com/gpg-public-key

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