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Re: glibc incompatibilities

Greg Stark wrote:

> I don't imagine there's a workaround for this is there? 
> Why would the symbol version be missing anyways?
> Unable to load native library: /tmp/OraInstall2002-12-20_04-29-15AM/jre/lib/i386/libjava.so: symbol __libc_wait, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference

Because it's an undocumented export of glibc 2.2 that should never have
been used by applications, and is no longer present in glibc 2.3. Sun
stupidly used it in JDK 1.4.0 (and perhaps earlier versions?), which
therefore doesn't work with glibc 2.3. This is fixed in JDK 1.4.1.


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