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Re: Announcing apt-watch: a Gnome 2 panel applet to check for upgrades

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 01:07:03PM -0500, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   That's easy to do -- it's just that I'm not sure all security updates
> are sent to security.d.o.  Of course, for testing/unstable there's no
> reliable way to get this information anyway, but are security updates for
> stable guaranteed to appear in the security archives?  (I'm
> wondering if they're ever pushed into stable directly)

IIRC, they should  never be directly put in the stable archive. Unless 
there is a revision release like this past week. I think they can add one 
directly then, but the user should be using 'apt-get dist-upgrade' for 
this situation. How to detect there has been a revision release is 
beyond me.
>   Also, if someone has mirrored security, that won't work.  Checking the URL
> would probably be enough for the common case, though.

If you are personally mirroring security, you prolly don't need the 
applet. ;-)

However anyone using someone elses mirror of security better know that 
person really well. It would be far to easy to trojan software if you 
create your own 'security' mirror and lie a lot. There are simply too 
many gullible people out there. Although it incurs a lot of traffic, I 
would recommend most people use security.d.o directly as it is a 
comparatively trustworthy host.

>   I agree with Emile's comments about a dialog box -- that would just be
> Evil[tm].

Yup, dead on.

Have Fun,

Matthew McGuire

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