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Re: How to hack a new kernel into a woody CD?

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 04:51:03AM -0500, David A. Greene wrote:

> I downloaded the kernel closest to bf2.4 (2.4.16 or something like that)
> and hacked the Makefile so that it would have the same version string as
> 2.4.6-bf2.4-<whatever>.  I then compiled the e1000 driver pointing to
> this bastardized version of kernel 2.4.16.  I then was able to use the
> "load modules from disk" option in the boot-floppies installer.  Worked
> like a charm (after many failed attempts).  I was lucky this worked
> at all and it may not for all drivers.  But give it a try if you have
> driver source.
> If bf2.4 kernel source truly is not available, why not?  It's critical
> for situations just like these.  If it is available, the install guide
> should probably include instructions about where to find it and how
> to build external modules "under" it so that the "insert foreign
> modules" procedure is more generally useful.

apt-get source kernel-image-2.4.18-bf2.4

 - mdz

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