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How to hack a new kernel into a woody CD?

I'm trying to get Debian onto a machine that has no OS at present.  I
have a set of woody CDs.

The machine has an Adaptec RAID card (2400A) which needs the dpti
driver.  This driver is present in kernel 2.4.20, but not in the 2.2.20
kernel used on the CD.  The manufacturer only supplies drivers for
RedHat with kernel 2.4.16 (and one or two other earlier kernels).

I cannot install from the CD, because its 2.2.20 kernel does not
recognise the RAID card as a disk (though it shows up as /dev/hdc). 
I've also tried using the PXE bootloader and grub's pxegrub but I can't
get the loader to download it reliably.  (It either claims that it is
receiving no DHCP offer, contrary to what the DHCP server says, or it
starts to download the image through TFTP and then declares ACCESS
VIOLATION; there is no corresponding error in the server logs, so I
don't know what that problem is.)

What I want to do is to copy the 2.4.20 kernel onto a new CD; I have the
image of the woody CD copied to disk and mounted as a loopback device;
presumably I can copy the kernel on top of one of the files in the
loopback device and then burn a new CD.

My question is, which file on the CD do I replace, and are there any
other actions I need to take to make this work?

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