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Re: Bug#173050: ITP: png2ico -- utility to convert PNG files to Windows icon resource files.

On Sat, 14 Dec 2002 15:04:55 -0500
David B Harris <david@eelf.ddts.net> wrote:

> > And forget the ico format altogether.
> Can PNG store multiple versions of the image in one file, out of
> curiosity?

Ah, nevermind; I looked up the spec pages;

"One GIF feature that PNG does not try to reproduce is multiple-image
support, especially animations; PNG was and is intended to be a
single-image format only."

Having more than one image in a single file, for the purposes of
favicon.ico, is not a stupid idea. So if you really want to do things
well, you're still stuck using Windows icon resource files.

And who cares? It's a bloody file format, and it's well-understood. Just
because MS has been, is, and will probably continue to be an
overbearing, illegal, manipulative monopoly doesn't mean we can't reap
the fruits the of their labour.

I don't believe MNG is widely-supported enough for use as favicon.ico.

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