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Re: Bug#172677: postgresql-client: The package won't install (again)

On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 04:29:20AM +0000, Oliver Elphick scribbled:
> On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 03:41, Marek Habersack wrote:
> > > Packaging changes have consequences, some unforeseen.  That was a
> > Come on! That error would have came up if you had tested it.
> As far as I am concerned, testing means installing the package.  If it
> doesn't break, it's probably OK.  It didn't break, though I don't know
> for sure why not.  Possibly it was deleting the file from the
> libpqpp-dev package, which would have been installed before
> postgresql-dev.
I didn't delete the package nor any files belonging to it - I have never had
libpqpp-dev installed. As for testing, let's take a look at the course of
adding new code to some .deb script.

1. you identify a problem (you have to remove the .h file or test for
   missing postgresql.env)
2. you write code to remove .h - you should assume that the file might be
   missing and that the command might fail and then take measures to account
   for that.
3. you add code to test for missing postgresql.env

those are two pieces of simple, easy to test code. The tests are so trivial
that they need 2 minutes to test. I really, honestly, think that testing any
code added to .postrm, .postinst etc. should be required and obvious.

> > > hangover from an old version of the package, which became invalid
> > > following upstream changes and extensive repackaging.  If I were
> > And the hangover could have been cured in the next version. It wasn't.
> It was cured when I got to know about it.
Fine, let's not argue over that anymore. You made a mistake, that's ok - I
guess I mentioned that one just because it happened together with other
failures and it was made more apparent because of that.

> > > perfect, I would have noticed before other people told me; but on my
> > > system it didn't happen, so I didn't notice.
> > See? That's what I mean - you didn't test it enough. You are maintaining a
> > crucial package, you are expected to take more steps in order to assert the
> > package quality than most other developers. Cope with it or ask for help -
> > or quit.
> I have asked for help, 2 years ago and quite recently.  There were a few
> people for a time, but at the moment there aren't any taking an active
> role.  If anyone does want to assist with the postgresql packages, there
> is a debian-postgresql mailing list, with a subscription page at
> https://mailman.atnet.at/mailman/listinfo/debian-postgresql
Maybe repeat the question on this list and on debian-mentors? 


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