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Re: Bug#172677: postgresql-client: The package won't install (again)

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 03:41, Marek Habersack wrote:
> > Packaging changes have consequences, some unforeseen.  That was a
> Come on! That error would have came up if you had tested it.

As far as I am concerned, testing means installing the package.  If it
doesn't break, it's probably OK.  It didn't break, though I don't know
for sure why not.  Possibly it was deleting the file from the
libpqpp-dev package, which would have been installed before

> > hangover from an old version of the package, which became invalid
> > following upstream changes and extensive repackaging.  If I were
> And the hangover could have been cured in the next version. It wasn't.

It was cured when I got to know about it.

> > perfect, I would have noticed before other people told me; but on my
> > system it didn't happen, so I didn't notice.
> See? That's what I mean - you didn't test it enough. You are maintaining a
> crucial package, you are expected to take more steps in order to assert the
> package quality than most other developers. Cope with it or ask for help -
> or quit.

I have asked for help, 2 years ago and quite recently.  There were a few
people for a time, but at the moment there aren't any taking an active
role.  If anyone does want to assist with the postgresql packages, there
is a debian-postgresql mailing list, with a subscription page at

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