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Re: What should go into "How Software Producers can distribute their products directly in .deb format"?

On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 10:29:38PM +0100, Aaron Isotton wrote:
> Hi,
> (sorry for the overlong subject).
> I originally sent this to debian-doc but I got no answers, so I
> thought I'd post it here too.

Because debian-doc was busy discussing other things and your proposed
document had not much negatives to flame about :)  If it is long
detailed HOWTO, it deserves to be a separate document.  If it is short
pointers and references, maybe you can add it to "debian Reference".

Also the packaging method itself is not on-topic in debian-doc.  It is
more here.

> I'm interested in writing the "How Software Producers can distribute
> - Consider putting fast-changing libraries/programs into your package
>   instead of depending on the ones shipped with debian.  They could be
>   installed into /usr/lib/<package-name>/.

I am far from knowing anything about packaging or FHS, is not
/opt/<packagename>/ or something like it the right place for everything
for the package which needs to be separated from main system?  You can
do whatever in it?

> - If you've got only few and/or seldom updated programs, shipping the
>   .debs will probably do.  If you've got many and/or often updated
>   programs, or just want to be cool, consider setting up your own
>   package repository.

I have very short hack memo in my "Debian Reference" for this.  Also
people has been posting their dinstall-like softwares.

> This is the basic idea for packages which can be adapted to the FHS in
> a reasonable way; but for some really large, closed-source and older
> programs that might be too difficult; it would probably be much easier
> to put them into their "own" directory, with their own bin, lib, and
> whatever other folders they need.  I know that isn't the "proper" way
> to do it, but I'd prefer some program to be installed in this impure
> way than overwriting some other files or sprinkling the file system
> with mysterious configuration and cache files.  Or maybe it'd be
> better to create directories such as /usr/bin/<package-name>/,
> /usr/lib/<package-name> and so on.  I'm not too sure about this,
> though.  Any ideas?

What about /opt/?

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