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Re: account on IA-64 sought.

martin f krafft wrote:
> the author of gjay is troubled by
> http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?&pkg=gjay&ver=0.2.2-1&arch=ia64&file=log
> and is looking for ways to troubleshoot this. short of letting him
> access a debian developer machine running on IA-64 through my account -
> which would be a violation - is there someone out there willing to let
> him an account for compilation and debugging for a few days until this
> is fixed? the machine should have xlibs et al. installed (though an
> X server is not necessary. just ssh X-forwarding should work), and if
> it's near california/san francisco, that would be even better.

Please see what I wrot in DWN a couple of weeks ago:


   Public Debian Machines for Software Authors. [11]Hewlett-Packard
   recently expanded their [12]Test Drive Program to support Debian
   GNU/Linux as well. This program is intended for users who want to
   sample the 32- and 64-bit servers running a variety of HP and
   third-party operating systems and applications. This looks like an
   excellent resource Debian can point upstream package authors to
   when they need access to a Debian system to resolve porting

   12. http://testdrive.hp.com/



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