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Why DDTP? shouldn't it be DPTP? (was Re: spanish translations in DDTP now)

I'm curious as to why was DDTP (Debian Documentation Translation Project)
was chosen for the project in helping translate, exclusively, the
package descriptions in Debian.

Shouldn't this be renamed to DPTP (Debian Packages Translation Project).
As far as I know the DDTP has nothing to do with:

- translating .po files in packages (for upstream maintainers)
- translating documentation of the DDP
- translating documents provided by packages (manpages, GNOME/KDE help
- translating the installation system
- translating the website

Please, Michael, don't use that name for the project. It's quite
misleading (both internally and to outside of the Debian project) and
should be changed.



PS: For example, people looking for translations in Debian might end up
reading http://ddtp.debian.org/ddtp-text/misc/ddts-faq.txt instead of

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