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Re: [Agnubis] Packaging Agnubis for Debian GNU/Linux

Hi all...

Andrew Lau dijo:
> 	I'm in no position to sponsor his packages, since I'm still
> awaiting DAM approval (11 months and counting). I was hoping that by
> joining the NM process, he would be able to find a better candidate
> (French speaking perhaps?) to help him learn the ropes of Debian (and
> advocate/sponsor, if he takes the plunge). 

No, really, it won't work like that. He needs a DD to be willing to
sponsor him first. 

> It's pretty much the best I can do in my situation. I don't want to
> abandon my ITP on Agnubis altogether if he's not committed, and the
> only measure I have to go so far is a two month old unfinished ITP
> that happens to be an Agnubis dependency.

Ok, he didn't ITP Agnubis, did he? Just go ahead, package it well,
upload it. Everyone's happy :-) 

> I'm more than happy to give an aspiring Debian developer a break,
> since I know what's it's like starting out, not to mention
> opportunities to package promising and prominent (GNOME-office in this
> case) projects are rare these days.

I know, been there, done that. It was fun for me, fullfilling. Probably
because it was something I wanted to do. Don't push him into NM.

Condider that his ITP has been there for two months. He's either not
that motivated or simply busy. And NM is much more time consuming than
closing an ITP. Offer your help, whatever help you are willing or able
to give. 

If he is too busy to package whatever was that depended so heavily on
Agnubis, offer to retitle the bug to a RFP. 

But all this discussion is kind of useless until he tells us what's on
his mind first ;-)

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