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Re: apt-src - some ideas

El día 29 nov 2002, Jon Kent escribía:
> Hi,
> apt-src, good start, really like the fact that it
> figures out dependancies and creates .deb file once
> complete and is fairly easy to use.
> However, there are some things I would like to see
> added at some point if possible:
> 1) Option to compile dependances as opposed to
> automatically downloading the dependant packages.
> 2) Option to add additional compile flags to gcc.
> 3) Option not to create a .deb file.  I wouldn't want
> this but some people might.

  Do you mean calling directly dpkg?

> 4) With depandancies it would be nice to be told what
> must be installed and what depandancies are optional.

  Build-Dependecies are always mandatory.

> 5) Not sure it this is possible, but maybe downloading
> source directly from author's site??

  As a package mantainer you're encouraged to void makig changes to the
  upstream sources, but sometimes that has to be done. Some of them
  could be avoided with dpkg-source v2, but others are needed (for
  example when files are removed because it doesn't follow DFSG).

  The other problem I see with this is that you lose this way the
  benefit of having a bunch of mirrors near you. And (if some day)
  packages are signed and checked in download time, you couldn't do that

  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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