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Re: gpg-agent?

On Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:41:29 EST, Joey Hess writes:
>q-agent is a PITA to get working with stuff like mutt though, so I do
>look forward to using gpg-agent. 

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What for? signing/encrypting stuff? if so, maybe have a look at kuvert.

>I just think I'd guard my laptop with
>my mail signing key on it about the same no matter which agent I had

of course. as soon as you cache with anything you'll have to be as
careful as possible. the point in favour of q-agent, gpg-agent and similar:
if used right, that's the one and only place passwords/phrases are lingering.

(that's why fetchmail on my box mustn't cache, exmh has to use q-agent 
etc. pp)


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