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Re: location of UnicodeData.txt

>> Does this mean every unicode text editor belongs in contrib (depends on
>> something non-free)?
>Many (perhaps all) RFCs are non-free as well; does that mean that
>compliant implementations must go into contrib or non-free?

The problem is, every character in Unicode, all 70,000 of them, has a
distinct set of properties. UnicodeData.txt is basically a listing of
those properties. If it is a copyrightable work, I see no way for a text
processing program to conform to Unicode without using a derivative of 
that copyrighted work. Likewise, I'd bet that file or some derivative of
it is embedded in both Perl and Python - you can't reasonably handle 
Unicode characters without it.

We could always pony up the $12,000 (or $1200 for an associate membership) 
and become a member of Unicode and complain about this from the inside. 

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