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Re: Ian Jackson in New Zealand

I wrote:
> > Work are sending me to Asiacrypt, which is in Queenstown from the
> > 1st to the 5th of December.  I'm also going to be taking some time
> > in NZ for sightseeing etc.  [...]  If anyone in NZ would like to
> > meet up please let me know ASAP.  It'd be good to go out for a
> > drink or three.

Firstly timing and email info: I'm leaving tomorrow at
approx. 0930GMT.  I'm not sure whether I'll have email at my hotel,
and if I do have email it may only be at my insecure ijackson@chiark
account (which I'm using for the From: here) and may only be until the
5th of December.  So, don't send mail me anything to ian@davenant or
ian@chiark that needs attention before I get back.  My hotel details
for at least the first 5 days are below.

Philip Charles writes ("Re: Ian Jackson in New Zealand"):
> There are a number of us in Dunedin.

So I see :-).  Ben Handley (who some of you may know, apparently) also
suggested I get in touch with Tim Nicholas, so I've CC'd Tim at his
webby address.

Nick Phillips writes ("Re: Ian Jackson in New Zealand"):
> If you can get from Queenstown to Dunedin, we can show you the *real*
> penguins...

Well, I'm probably going to be in Auckland on parts of the 11th and
15th of December at least (off to at least Rotorua in between).  How
practical is it to get between Auckland and Dunedin ?  I'm not averse
to making a bit of a trip to find some like-minded geeks :-).

John Morton writes ("Re: Ian Jackson in New Zealand"):
> If you range as far afield as Nelson (city at the top of the South Island 
> near Abel Tasman National Park),  give me a call on +64 21 527 866, or 
> 021 527 866. I have some co-workers who need a little help seeing the light,
> as we're about to migrate the os for a gateway NAT box from Redhat to Debian 
> :-)

I haven't got my planning that well-sorted, but I'll take your phone
number with me and if I'm going to end up anywhere nearby I'll give
you a call.  (Same goes for everyone else.)

John also asks:
> Mao as in Gnomic Mao? Peculiar 'make the rules up as you go' card game 
> popularised by Doug Hofstadter? 

The Mao that I know came via various people but appears to have a
common origin at one or more Maths Olympiads.  It does involve
inventing rules, but only in a strictly controlled manner :-).  I find
it's good when played a little drunk, although you can find people who
take it very seriously too.  I'm not familiar with Doug Hofstadter's
variant.  NB that any websites you read which claim to state the rules
of Mao are lying (or at least, not telling you the One True Mao) -
it's one of the rules that you can't explain the rules.

Anyway, my actual flight details are:

  2002-11-28   LHR                 dep 1425      NZ 1
  2002-11-30   Auckland   arr 0545 dep 1000      NZ 639
               Queenstown arr 1150

  2002-12-11   Queenstown          dep 1100      NZ 642
               Auckland   arr 1245

  2002-12-15   Auckland            dep 1645      NZ 2
  2002-12-16   LHR        arr 0910

My hotel (checking out 6th December) is:
  Copthorne Hotel
  Private Bag
  +64 3 442 8123 (voice)
  +64 3 442 7472 (fax)

Thanks all,

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