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Re: orbit/evolution/linux2.5 bug #168188

This one time, at band camp, Jeff Carr said:
> Unless I'm doing something wrong, I'm still having to rebuild orbit0 in
> sid to get evolution to work with a 2.5 kernel. The one line patch (in
> the bug report) to the orbit sources works for me. Anyway, my question
> is seems that sometimes(1) when I run apt-get update & apt-get upgrade
> it seems to re-install the current broken Nov 4th orbit 0.5.17-4
> packages from /var/cache/apt/archives/. I used apt-src to install and
> build the packages with the patch and then I install them with dpkg -i.
> Is there a more correct way to maintain my own repository? Should I use
> apt-build instead of apt-src perhaps? (As I noticed that it creates it's
> own entry in /etc/apt/sources)
> Jeff
When I do this sort of thing on my local mirror, I usually pretend it's
an NMU - so your package would be 0.5.17-4.1 or something.  This
prevents apt from preferring the Debian distributed pakage over yours.
Either that or you can use pinning to give your local repository a
higher preference.

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