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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

OK, I think I can add something to this little chain
mail as I use both Debian and Gentoo.

Why do I do that?  Well, Debian is great and all and I
use it on servers etc, but on my workstation I want
alot more control that Debian can, or probably ever
can, give me.  As an example, I don't want or use KDE
so I do not want KDE libs installed just because some
package maintainer decided to enable the KDE support
option on app xyz.  With Debian I have not choice with
Gentoo I do, I disable KDE support using the USE
variable. Very easy to do.

Performance enhancements, well I seen a few, but
nothing to shout about, it more about getting a higher
degree of control over my workstation.

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