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Re: Bug#170559: ITP: fontconfig -- Font configuration and customization library

On Sun, 2002-11-24 at 12:42, Ari Pollak wrote:

> * Package name    : fontconfig

First of all, have you talked to Branden about this?

Second, I've been maintaining unofficial packages of fontconfig and xft2
in my "local" repository for quite some time now; see

Third, these packages will (AIUI) be distributed in the XFree source
tarball, so Branden should probably be the one who packages them, unless
you've worked something out with him.

Finally, you should not upload this until Branden splits xlibs and
xlibs-dev; otherwise you will need to use dpkg-divert (as my packages
do), and that's why I didn't ITP or upload them.

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