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ATI Technologies Inc. Canada - Email submission

Dear ,

Thank you for your email to ATI Technologies Canada.

This is an AUTOMATIC RESPONSE from an UNATTENDED mailbox. 

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL.  Instead, use one of the electronic support options outlined below.

We have modified our online support to improve the efficiency in responding to your query.  We have determined that the majority of our customer's questions and issues can be addressed by information found on our website and encourage you to visit: 


The SEARCH ATI.com function may also be helpful in finding the required information. The SEARCH function can found at: 


If your question is not answered, or your issue persists, please submit your query via our Online "Request for Assistance" form available at: 


The details requested in this form will assist us in providing you with the most accurate information available for your situation.

ATI Technologies Inc.
Visit http://www.ati.com

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