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Re: Debian Accessibility Project was: Re: linux for blinds

On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Tomas Cerha wrote:

> Hello, I am one of the people involved in Free(b)soft (and Free(b)deb)
> project.  Thank you for your comments.  I would like to clarify some
> details.  The goal of Free(b)deb project is not a separate distribution.
To make it clear:  I'm not in fear of a separate distribution.  Everybody
is free to do so.  But in my opinion you could reach your goal more
straightforeward if you do not.

> The final goal is inclusion of accessibility enhancements and modifications
> into Debian (we are focused on accessibility for blind and visually
> impaired).  Free(b)deb project is here to enable the concentrated
> development of those modifications (modified packages, some additioal
> packages and some meta packages).  When these modifications are ready to
> take place in upstream Debian, the goal of Free(b)deb is finished.
I see no reason to go separate ways and join later.  Why not do it
inside Debian?

> Maybe the fact, that we want to make a Free(b)deb bootable CD-ROM is
> confusing.  This CD-ROM is what we need right now to be able to bring Debian
> installations to our blind users.
You obviousely know much more than me about this field and perhaps my
remark is stupid.  But I think enhancing debian-installer in the current
state is the best idea to reach the goal.

> People in Brailcom (the non-profit
> organisation, which initiated this project) have 5 years of experience in
> providing Linux based services to blind users in Czech republic.  We think,
> that incorporating all the changes into Debian itself is a long-term job
Nobody will doubt that.

> but we need to make many installations right now and with current Debian it
> requires a lot of effort
For sure.  That's why I would start sooner not later.  May be you could
have influence onto current debian-installer design *now*.  Later
debian-installer might become stable and nobody likes to change it

> This is why we want a special CD-ROM and this is also why we managed to
> get the sponsorship for it...
... but I might be wrong.  It's your decision.

> Yes, it is surely a good idea.  We are ready to cooperate, however
> "accessibility" is quite a general goal (we are focussed on accessibility
> for blind and visually impaired people).
Just find a better name.  It was just a suggestion...

> Hopefully people concerned with
> other aspects of accessibility will join the project, when we start it.
> We are ready to use all the advantages of "great Debian resources" and we
> appreciate any suggestions how to do it any better.
No further suggestion than to read the "Debian Sub-Projekt HOWTO".
You can find a link at


Just join the effort of internal projects to get all forces with the
same goal joined.

Good luck for you project


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