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VNC plans.


Some people might have notived that I have made some
(dramatic?) changes to the vnc packages. The reason is
that the upstream development have started again. :)

The problem is that I used to have the tightvnc patches
applied but due to the upstreams is so different, that is
not possible anymore. The new upstream has nice new features
and tightvnc has other nice features. They may coexist in
the future but that is far away.

So this is what I intend to do to solve these issues:

0) Start using alternatives for vnc.

0.1) Link svncviewer staically with libvncauth instead
   of dynamically.

1) Package tightvnc as:
   tightvncserver, provides vncserver
   tight[x?]vncclient, provides vncviewer

   The hard part is to test that they can coexist.

2) Change the vnc package to realvnc
   realvncserver, provides vncserver
   realvncviewer, provides vncviewer
   vnc-common (I have to check what's in there).

3) Ask for the removal of the old vnc packages.

4) Change name of vnc-java to realvnc-java

5) Package tightvnc-java.

So now I have some questions.

1) Do you think this is an ok plan?
2) Do I have to ask for vncserver and vncviewer as they
   become virtual packages?


// Ola

PS. Now I have to get some food. Will be back tomorrow. :)

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