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RE: Debian Development

First of all thank you very much to your help and I'm not that good in
Qt and Kdevelop I know C++/Java/PHP but I'll try my best to get to know
about QT and Kdevelp as soon as possible

>BTW I live in Sheffield UK but I don't know how far that from your
place is.

Doesn't matter I just want to help to Debian devel and get to know about
development process and also to build up my programming knowledge as

I just looked at the site it's good software. So what's the second step
of this? learning QT and Kdevelop is it?

Thanks a lot
Chanka perera

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From: Boris Duerner [mailto:Marc.Duerner@student.shu.ac.uk] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 1:35 AM
To: chanka perera
Subject: Re: Debian Development

Hi Chanka,
We are developing a new configuration tool for Debian (hardware and
called magiconf (http://magiconf.sheflug.co.uk) and you are welcome to
us. We have an independant backend library and GTK and Qt based
frontends as 
plugins for the Gnome and KDE control centers to work on

BTW I live in Sheffield UK but I don't know how far that from your place


On Monday 18 November 2002 14:02, chanka perera wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am 20 years old and present I'm following the 2nd year of B.Sc. 
> Degree in Computing from Staffordshire University UK. I also work as a

> student lab assistant at APIIT <http://www.apiit.lk/>  Lanka. I'm 
> currently settled down with Debian Gnu/Linux and I would like to join 
> to Debian development, maintenance, bug tracking system and in all the

> parts in GNU. To know more about me please look at the CV - html 
> version. Please be kind enough and help me to get in to Debian 
> development.
> Thank you,
> Chanka perera

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