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reading dpkg source

I'm reading the dpkg source.  It's interesting --- I found some
(probably undocumented) assumptions:

* a package doesn't have more than 10 Conflicts:/Replaces: pairs
* the name of a conffile is not very (250+) long
* a user name doesn't begin with # (the statoverride database regards
  #nnnnn as an uid rather than a user name) (I know adduser does
  a sanity check)

Now I have some questions:

1) What is the point of Enhances:?  Does it have any advantage over
   Recommends:/Suggests: + cooperation between developers?  (I know
   there is no Enhances: support yet --- /usr/bin/dpkg seems to be OK
   but dpkg-source will complain.  I don't know about apt or dselect.)

2) What is the debbugs protocol in the Bugs: field?  dpkg doesn't care
   what string is in it.

3) I wonder how dpkg is ported to a non-32-bit architecture.  md5sum
   (which comes with dpkg) assumes unsigned 32bit "word".  The
   configure scripts defines UWORD32 as unsigned long or unsigned int,
   but complains if neither of them is 32 bit.

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