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Can someone confirm "bug" in python-opengl?

I have reasons to believe that something is wrong with my OpenGL
setup, which part of it, I'm not sure. I currently think python-opengl
is the culprit...

For the record: I have a Radeon, one of the earlier models (first
models, probably).

My biggest issue was that fog didn't work in my python-opengl app. So
I investigated /usr/share/doc/python-opengl/, and found
Demo/tom/fog.py - this example also does not work. Also, in all the
cone examples the cones come out pitch black, well, specifically,
Demo/tom/cone.py - and I don't think this is how it should be.

Can someone else please confirm whether either or both the cone
example and the fog example works for them? Mine is python-opengl
1.5.7-5.4 from unstable.

I wonder if I could run these demos in a stable chroot? Otherwise I
could possibly try "installing" python-opengl after booting Knoppix.

Please CC me, thanks,
Hugo van der Merwe

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