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Re: Discussion - non-free software removal

>>"John" == John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

 John> Definately a mix.  I propose this GR because:

 John> 1. Maintaining non-free software is a drain on resources that
 John>    our project should be devoting to Free software.

	The project does not marshall resources like a company does;
 people work on what they please. So this is not a zero sum game; if
 non-free packages are not easily accessible to me, I'll have less
 time to spare for the project since I'll be spending time looking
 for, building, fixing bugs on, packages that I can't do without.

 John> 3. Our social contract stipulates already that our operating
 John>    system does not contain non-free software.  I see no reason
 John>    why we need to be offering it alongside the operating
 John>    system.

	Because our social contract also says that we recognize that
 reasonable people, committed to ultimate freedom of computing,
 may still need to run non-free software, and until such time
 that they can switch, we, the debian project, shall support them in
 their endeavors? 

 John> 1. Packages currently in non-free could simply be altered slightly and move
 John> into contrib.  contrib would have an apt-gettable "installer"
 John> package that would go out and download the source (or binaries,
 John> as applicable) from the package's master site, and
 John> build/install them.  Our existing dependency system would take
 John> care of all of that.  Debian's conscience would be clean and
 John> users would be happy.  Users would likely need to make no
 John> modifications to configuration.

	I can see tis sucking a lot of time away from Debian, as
 people go and work this far more complex schema, with far more likely
 hood of failure, and changes it everytime upstream sneezes.

	I think this would seriously hurt the project far more than
 providing archive services.

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