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Old bugs

Hi all...

After browsing through some very old bugs in the BTS that I submitted many
suns ago, I suddenly got inspired to dig through the BTS to find old bugs
that are relatively easy to fix. So far, I've submitted quite a few
patches to BTS.

Is there any way to retrieve a list of bugs from the BTS which are, say, 1
year old or more, etc.? I can't seem to find any way of doing this on the
web interface. It's a bit tedious to look through the entire list of open
bugs when I'm really only interested in very old bugs (>1 year old, or if 
the list is too long, >2 years old).

Also, is it good practice to "intrude" by sending patches for a bug I
didn't file? :-)

T, on a old-bug-hunting spree

Long, long ago, the ancient Chinese invented a device that lets them see
through walls. It was called the "window".

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