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Re: OpenOffice.org new unstable packages available for testing

> I wouldn't suggest a name change at this point in the
> development cycle, but for one thing: it worries me
> that the present name contains a dot.  This is asking
> for trouble.  The dot is widely used to delimit filename
> extensions.  Utilities such as run-parts do not include
> the dot as one of the characters they allow in the names
> of files they process.  So it probably won't be possible
> consistently to use "openoffice.org" to form filenames
> without confusing some utility or another.  (Yes,
> I grant that many packages include dots as parts of
> version suffixes, e.g., the libssl0.9.6 package.)

That run-parts behavior was changed anyway, to conform to the LSB which
requires dots in third-party init script names not allocated by LANANA.
run-parts uses an exclude list now.

Might be good to make the OOo package provide "openoffice" anyway. Or
just call it ooo, I like that..

see shy jo

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