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Re: Some odd idea on /etc/modules

Il gio, 2002-01-03 alle 23:21, Joris Lambrecht ha scritto:
> Hello,
> Unless i did something really wrong ...
> Recently i ran into some really stupid issue with a module that did not work
> because some additional modules were not loaded. Now i'm wondering if it
> would not be a good idea to make something like a "modules.depend" file wich
> would automatically load any module needed on top of the original module to
> work. This would probably greatly enhance plug-n-play ability of the Debian
> distro. Mind you, i'm using Debian on a
> whenever-i-get-it-to-work-withoug-hassle basis, so i'm by no means an expert
> or even intermediate user. Just trying to add something to something i
> appreciate working/learning with.

mm.. "depmod -a", run at boot, should have taken care of that.
see the modules.dep file in /lib/moduesl/X.Y.Z ..

Federico Di Gregorio
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