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grdesktop_0.14-2_i386.changes is NEW

Hello all,

anyone know whats going on with this package? It doesn't enter into
unstable since 20 days.
So anything wrong with it?

Or should I be simple a little be more patient? :-)


(new) grdesktop_0.14-2.diff.gz optional non-US
(new) grdesktop_0.14-2.dsc optional non-US
(new) grdesktop_0.14-2_i386.deb optional non-US
GTK+ 2 frontend for the rdesktop client
 grdesktop is a frontend, written in C using the GTK+ 2 toolkit,
 for the remote desktop client (rdesktop).
 It can save several connections (including their options), and
 browse the network for available terminal servers.
(new) grdesktop_0.14.orig.tar.gz optional non-US
Changes: grdesktop (0.14-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/dirs: insert directories
  * debian/rules: - remove unused configure options
  		  - remove config.* directives in clean target
		  - insert DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
		  - remove all created man-pages in after distclean
  * debian/control: - change description line
                    - change section to non-US (because rdesktop)
  * First upload to debian directory. Close ITP. Closes: #164025
Announcing to debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org
Closing bugs: 164025 

Thorsten Sauter

				(Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?)

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