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Re: [desktop] nautilus patched, screenshot, and splash screens/backgrounds

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 09:41, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 06:28:46AM +1100, Roger So wrote:
> > Sorry for the wait; I've put them under the BSD license, since it seems
> > the most straightforward of all licenses. ;)
> No, it, unlike the GPL, places restrictions on the licensee that have
> nothing to do with copyright law (namely, publicity rights).

I realise that; I was comparing the BSD license to the Open
Publication/Content License, and some places of the OPL aren't very
clear to me.

And of course, I have somehow forgotten about the MIT license...

> (This doesn't mean that the GPL is the right license -- it is a copyleft
> and a copyleft isn't always the right solution.)
> Here'a BSD-style license that sticks to copyright principles.  (It's
> actually derived from the MIT/X11 license.)

Yes, this actually does look more like what I really wanted than the one
in /usr/share/common-licenses/BSD.  Thanks.

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