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Re: Bug#167921: ITP: httrack -- offline browser : copy websites toyour computer

>>"Steve" == Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> writes:

 Steve> The question "why do we need another one?" should always be
 Steve> asked, and unless there are problems with the functionality
 Steve> provided by the existing package, "I don't want to use that
 Steve> one" is a piss-poor excuse for expanding the archive.

 >> I strongly disagree. It is the best reason for expanding the
 >> archive: at least oneperson has had an itch to scratch despite the
 >> existence of a perfectly working alternative (for most people windows
 >> works well enough, for the rest there are the bsd's, who the hell
 >> needs Linux? And who the hell needs anything more than Red Hat and
 >> Suse?).

 Steve> "I don't want to use that one" IS a piss-poor excuse, because
 Steve> it's totally unreasoning.  I don't think we're raising the bar
 Steve> too high if we require maintainers to have some concrete
 Steve> reason for adding a new package -- even personal, subjective
 Steve> reasons are ok.

	That is a contradiction. Either  personal, subjective reasons
 are ok -- or they are not.  "I don't want to use that one" IS a
 personal, subjective reason. 

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 argument. --Larry Wall in the perl man page
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