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Re: Preparation of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r1

Gerhard Tonn wrote:
> > * Integrated a new kernel-patch from the IBM Developerworks website (released on 2002.06.12). This patch fixes the DASD deadlock problem and some
> >   other severe problems. * Removed NMU DASD deadlock fix. * Integrated a new kernel-patch from the IBM Developerworks website (released on
> >   2002.08.16). This patch fixes a problem related to the IUCV driver.
> >   This sounds like a more or less regular update to me, which should not target the stable release. 

> This is not true. The woody kernel is definitely broken on s390,
> deadlock in I/O code. Fortunately we have a working kernel as part
> of the boot-floppies, so that most of our users didn't notice it,
> but we had already several problems with the kernel when users build
> their own. So please accept the update.

Please be more verbose in your changelog next time.  I'll accept this

> We need not only the kernel-patch, but also an update of the
> kernel-image. It wasn't accepted by katie, probably because katie
> accepts only one .udeb per package and architecture. Should I upload
> a version of the kernel-image without an .udeb?

Try it.

I assume that the patch should be included even if the kernel image
packages will not be included.

I also assume that when accepting new kernel image packages, it is ok
to remove similarily named packages from stable to avoid kernel image
package bloat.



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