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Re: FTBFS for Archetecture all package (Bug#167049)

> > > To me "normal" should have been suffice.  (I could have lowered the
> > > priority too.)
> > 
> > Did the severity of the bug cause trouble with "testing" or something like
> > that?
> It is RC bug which prevent it to be moved to testing.  
> I would love to get "normal" bug report from Junichi which make me fix
> source. I have no problem with it.

There is no problem it being filed normal or serious, if you
are going to fix it, and the bug should be fixed.
It shouldn't enter a new Debian release if it cannot be 
built from source.

See the unbuildable monstor documentation packages.
Some get completely unmaintained because there are no
ways to build them from source.


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