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Re: [desktop] Menu's in a graphical environment in the enterprise

On Tue, 05 Nov 2002 22:00:25 +0100, Roland Penning wrote:
> This structure should also be usable to add items that point to
> programs available to a user through an NFS mountpoint or to
> documentation on an NFS mountpoint or Intranetserver.

This isn't what you proposed, though. Your original message was talking
about managing menus for PCs that are running imaged copies of the same
installation. In this case, there is no benefit at all to storing menu
stuff in LDAP.

In this latter case, where some packages are available via NFS mounts,
then yes, LDAP would be nice. However, generating menus is not
the most important issue to be resolved in this case. More important
would be having information in LDAP about which packages are
available (including their version and architecture) and how to
get access to them (possibly via automount definitions). 

> Your perception of efficiency is progammer-orientated not
> administrator or enterprise orientated.

Heh. Being a programmer, that's understandable. For the more complex
situation, which I think is what you had in mind to start with, I think
that your proposal is worth investigating. It would be a fair bit of
work, but it would be a nice feature.

Chris DuPuis     

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