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[desktop] Menu's in a graphical environment in the enterprise

In a corporate environment, most rolled out pc's contain the same programs, they are imaged copies and on some pc's extra programs are added according to the user his/her needs to perform his/her task.

What would be handy would be a centralized LDAP structure (application not user centric) where all menu-entries and desktop-items for the pc's can be maintained , users and groups that need to have access to a menu-item and for KDE and Gnome access to floppy or CD-rom (desktop-items) can can be added to the list under this item.

This structure could for example during userlogin or periodicly while gdm/kdm/xdm is waiting for a login be replicated/matched from this central structure on the server-machine to the same structure that exists on the local workstation machine.

After login the user will have the menu and desktop items to which he/she has been granted access and if extra programs are present on the pc these will be visible as well.

If a user who has extra programs on his workstation logs in to a workstation without these additions then the extra menu-items shouls not be visible.


A systemadministrator

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