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Re: Problem with VIA C3 chip and libcrypto

On Tue, 05 Nov 2002, Oliver M. Bolzer wrote:
> Nevertheless, it IS a real problem. As the cmov instruction is OPTIONAL
> for i686 but GCC uses it for 686, that is the cause of the problem. That
> the kernel compiles itself as 585 if a C3 is specified is simply a
> work-around. The correct solution is to fix GCC, but for now, can we
> either not ship a i686-optimized libssl or just hardlink the
> i585-version into the i686-directory ? We have lived with the i386
> version long enough, using a slightly less optimized version for the
> time being is MUCH better than simply breaking on C3 machines.

That's no real fix.  Any other binary compiled for i686 will break royally
on C3.  The correct workaround is to downgrade it kernel-wise to a i586
until gcc is fixed, and all i686 stuff recompiled... or teach ld.so to think
that a C3 is a i586 for the time being.

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