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ITO: squid

I am not the right person to maintain squid anymore. I've lost
interest in it a bit; we don't use squid much anymore, and it's
become pretty mature. Also between other open source projects,
a network to keep running, and real life, I don't have much
time left to invest in maintaining squid.

It needs a maintainer who can turn on all the new advanced
options (NTLM auth, etc) and test it. Also someone who can do
a bit of scripting since every major squid release changes the
syntax of the config file slightly and it would be nice if that
could be handled automatically.

It has quite a lot of open bugs, none critical though. The
version in stable is 2.4.STABLE7, and I've uploaded 2.5.STABLE1
to experimental. The last one is a good basis to start
working on.

The debian version has some debian-specific patches written by me.
If you need help applying them to newer versions of squid you
can always ask me for a hand.

Will a suitable maintainer please stand up ;)


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