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Re: Bug#167504: ITP: rlab -- a numerical analisys tool like Matlab

"Marco Presi" <mpresi@lugroma.org> writes:
>  Lukas Geyer <lukas@debian.org> wrote: 
>  lg> Marco Presi (Zufus) <zufus@debian.org> writes:
>  >> Package: wnpp
>  >> Severity: wishlist
>  >> 
>  >> * Package name    : rlab
>  >> Version         : 2.1.05
>  >> Upstream Author : Ian Searle <searleir@yahoo.com>
>  >> * URL             : http://rlab.sourceforge.net/
>  >> * License         : GPL
>  >> Description     : a numerical analisys tool like Matlab


>  lg> Please fill in the missing fields.
> Sorry, for that.

Thanks for clarifying that. 

>  lg> Also, what is the advantage or difference of rlab compared to
>  lg> octave?
> I Don't know.
> You can find here in what it is different in respect to matlab:
> (http://rlab.sourceforge.net/rlab-why/rlab-why.html) 

Well, that documented, as the author says, is a bit outdated. Matlab
is not free software, which is always a strong argument to choose any
free alternative.

> Anyway, I think that have to program that make similar
> things is better, so users can choose. I saw there was an ITP by
> someone an year ago, but then nothing more.
> I wrote to him, and I am wainting for his response.

I think you should not open a second ITP in that case, just for future
reference. Followup on the old ITP, and if it is more than a year, you
can probably safely assume that the old ITP'er has forgotten it or
changed plans. Cc the submitter on the followup, wait a week or two
and upload. :)

> So, if there are not reasons to let it out of Debian, I am going
> to take it.

My question concerning Octave was not meant as a reason to let it out
of Debian, I asked because I used Octave a bit and wondered what rlab
would have to offer. Go ahead and package it, and don't forget to
close both your ITP and the old one.


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