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Re: [multimedia] ALSA maintenance

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 11:10:26PM -0400, marco trevisani wrote:
> I actually sent to Jordi a private email some time ago offering to join 
> forces with DeMuDi, it probably got lost somewhere, who knows maybe a 
> dreamed about it...:-)

Hmm. I must have lost it accidentally, as my procmail logs say it hit my
INBOX on Sept 22.

> In any case offer is still valid and we could probably work all together 
> with Martin and Bastian, if they like the idea and if they agree.

Cool. The current ALSA status is that I'm probably going to do one last
upload, and then let Martin take care of them. I'm sure he could use
some help with alsaconf and alsa-driver, at least. We should try to
coordinate somehow, maybe just using -devel + [multimedia] tags.

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